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The Juniper Tree is an ancient symbol of life and provision. It is an evergreen that helps maintain the hope of life and growth in an otherwise bleak winter landscape. Elijah the prophet was protected under a Juniper Tree. Northern European cultures saw the world turning on a great axis that was in fact an enormous Juniper, called the Yggdrasil.

We started Juniper Tree Meadery out of a love for the rich history of Mead, and also a love for science and biology (our head Mazer has a Masters Degree in Biology). Mead is the oldest fermented beverage in human history, and has been enjoyed by people on every continent. The love of Mead has affected even our language, with terms such as honeymoon originating from the ceremonial use of Mead in weddings.

Many people are now becoming aware of how critical the honeybee population is to life on earth. So much of our plant based food crops depend on insect pollination, in which the honeybee stands supreme. The product of Mead helps create awareness of the plight of a declining bee population, and also puts a demand on honey products which incentivizes bee keepers to maintain productive apiaries. 

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